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It has been shown that the earth’s magnetic field is affected by the phases of the moon. It can be argued that the electromagnetic charges resulting from this, could be a factor in the separation and predominance of X and Y sperms. This suggests that the moon affects the gender depending on the particular time conception is effected within the cycle of the moon. In much in the same way as the moon influences the tides or mental imbalances (lunacy).

It has been proposed that the movement of the moon through the various signs of the zodiac alters the acidity or alkalinity of the endometrium. This results in particular environments favouring male or female births. This particular was research conducted on cows in Europe is backed up by current American findings that the acid/alkali balance of the blood is affected by the moon’s positional status.

In human beings, the male contributes two different types of sperms simultaneously during copulation. The female on the other hand provides the environment in the womb favoring one particular gender or the other. Occasionally, a test may reveal which parent is responsible for large single-sex families. The findings usually point to mothers with highly acidic/alkaline wombs, and occasionally to the father for depositing sperms in a similar carrier.

The question as to whether sex selection is ethical remains unresolved. There are numerous arguments for and against this as with every argument. There is an added subliminal fear that we might upset the balance of the Universe if we do in fact, practise gender selection. Preferences vary according to religion, race, culture, demographics etc. There is now evidence to indicate that in developed countries (where access to selection techniques is most available), most couples do not prefer to choose the sex of their first child.

Now we hear in the UK about the HFEA, http://www.hfea.gov.uk/forPatients/Consultations/default.htm is about to make sperm selection and pre-implantation gender selection tests legal for parental gender choice in the United Kingdom. This means that the parents could choose to simply abort the baby if it is not of the gender that they had planned for. There could be negative consequences if this was adopted merely because any couple can now have the legal right to terminate the unwanted pregnancy merely because it is of the “wrong” sex. If only, these people become open enough to consider the Chelvam’s Method, this would not lead to the abortion of a foetus of the unwanted gender.
Notwithstanding this, sex selection offers the opportunity to have more balanced, smaller families and where the children have a feeling of being wanted. A girl who knows that her parents would have preferred her to be a boy, or vice versa, may have unnecessary psychological problems in her lifetime.

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This suggests that if parents could choose their children of their choice, there would be more love, less rejection and a natural reduction in family size.

Some governments have stipulated the number of children a family should have. In places like China, it is legal to have only one child. Consequently, many female infants have been dumped in dustbins and orphanages because of this. Many claims that an effective method of sex selection has already been found based on the theories on the different qualities of “X’ and “Y” sperms have been postulated. However, none have shown their claims to be convincingly true. The only manner that this can be proved is thorough the results these programs produce. The “proof is in the pudding”.*

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